What this blog is:
-This blog is a place where tabletop gamers can take their rules disputes to get an impartial opinion.

What this blog isn’t:
-It is not official. I’m not employed by or affiliated with any game company or game designer. My decisions are in no way binding.

I’m just a regular gamer who’s volunteering to be an impartial authority to adjudicate rules disputes. Cases can be submitted to supremecourtofgaming@gmail.com, or by sending a message to or posting on the wall of our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/SupremeCourtOfGaming. Please include the following with your submissions:

-The exact text of the relevant rules. My own game collection is somewhat limited due to finances and other circumstances, so it is quite likely that I don’t own the game from which your rules dispute arises. I know some games provide full copies of their rules online, so if you could include a link to that as well, it would be quite helpful.

-All of the different interpretations of the given section of rules and the reasoning behind them. If possible, please have the different people involved in the dispute write their own arguments, as it may be difficult for someone writing the opinion for the opposite side of the argument to avoid bias. I will accept submissions written entirely by one person, it’s just a preference.

Factors that will affect the decision

-My interpretation of the rules text – what do I think the rules as written are saying should be done?

-Your interpretation of the rules text – I might originally interpret the rules one way, but if you present a good enough argument, I might be persuaded.

-What will make the game most fair and fun – Trying to interpret the rules as intended based on the rules as written can be a tricky business, but sometimes it just needs to be done. If overly literal interpretation of the rules as written results in an unplayable or unfair situation, sometimes it’s best to just use common sense and do what works.


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